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🌀 A command line Pokemon battling simulator, written in Java.
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Pokemon Battle Simulator

A Pokemon Battle engine coded in Java. Has local and multiplayer options (multiplayer not perfect), only runs from command line.

Image of the simulator from the Ubuntu 16.04 terminal



Simulator can be run locally against the computer. Opponent chooses moves randomly, with a provided team loaded from a .txt file.


Multiplayer only works from LAN, as peer-to-peer; one player acts as the client, another as the server. Currently, fails at transferring team across sockets.

Team Loading from Text:

Loads Pokemon team from .txt files. Uses the traditional formatting Pokemon Online and Pokemon Showdown uses. Allows for custom Pokemon team options, can create a team in Showdown, save to .txt, and place in appropriate directory.

Future Implementation

  • Get multiplayer to work
  • Add online functionality to LAN multiplayer
  • Refactor code (not always very clean)
  • Merge with Pokemon Emerald Bootleg to form working engine


A. Pokemon Showdown - The definitive Pokemon simulator. Uses the Pokemon and moves JSON from this project to load teams.

B. JSON.simple - JSON toolkit used for parsing in the project. Hosted at:

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