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Feature request: tweak hash file name pattern #1

yellowled opened this Issue · 5 comments

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First of all: thanks a lot for building this. This works way, way better already than any similar solution I've come across. :-)

Just one thing to make it perfect (for me): I'd like to be able to tweak the pattern for the filenames generated. As of now, it's hash.original.cache.ext; personally, I'd prefer to use just hash.ext.

(I like short filenames in production. Other than that, our workflows seem pretty similar.)


Good point. Actually it was on my agenda to add the ability to set a suffix for the filenames, being 'cache' the default one. Would something like that be enough for you?


Hm, that would give me something like hash.original.ext (if the suffix can also be empty), right?

Basically, this is not “important” at all. I could just as well live with the current filenames, I just think the 'cache' part is redundant – unless there's an actual reason for that? Also (again: not important, I'm just being quirky here), I'd prefer original-hash.ext. I don't have a technical reason for that, I just think it looks better. :-)

If this is not worthy the effort or unnecessary bloat in the plugin, never mind. After all, it's purely cosmetic.


Maximum flexibility combined with maximum backwards compatibility. Sounds perfect to me. :-)


Implemented on version 0.1.4

@Luismahou Luismahou closed this
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