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This is a Go package for posting stats to your StatHat account.

For more information about StatHat, visit www.stathat.com.


Use goinstall:

goinstall github.com/stathat/stathatgo

That's it.

If you are building your code with goinstall, you can skip the previous step and just import stathatgo as follows:

import (


The easiest way to use the package is with the EZ API functions. You can add stats directly in your code by just adding a call with a new stat name. Once StatHat receives the call, a new stat will be created for you.

To post a count of 1 to a stat:

stathat.PostEZCountOne("messages sent - female to male", "something@stathat.com")

To specify the count:

stathat.PostEZCount("messages sent - male to male", "something@stathat.com", 37)

To post a value:

stathat.PostEZValue("ws0 load average", "something@stathat.com", 0.372)

There are also functions for the classic API. The drawback to the classic API is that you need to create the stats using the web interface and copy the keys it gives you into your code.

To post a count of 1 to a stat using the classic API:

stathat.PostCountOne("statkey", "userkey")

To specify the count:

stathat.PostCount("statkey", "userkey", 37)

To post a value:

stathat.PostValue("statkey", "userkey", 0.372)

Contact us

We'd love to hear from you if you are using this in your projects! Please drop us a line: @stat_hat or contact us here.


Written by Patrick Crosby at StatHat. Twitter: @stat_hat