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Work-in-progress Swift bindings for Blend2D. This project makes use of the original source code of Blend2D and is in no way associated or supported by Blend2D.

For a brief report of what APIs are available in Swift, please check the status page.


Xcode 13.0 / Swift 5.4.3

Sample usage

Taken from sample1 from the samples library.

let img = BLImage(width: 480, height: 480, format: .prgb32)

// Attach a rendering context into `img`.
let ctx = BLContext(image: img)!

// Clear the image.
ctx.compOp = .sourceCopy

// Fill some path.
let path = BLPath()

path.moveTo(x: 26, y: 31)
path.cubicTo(x1: 642, y1: 132, x2: 587, y2: -136, x3: 25, y3: 464)
path.cubicTo(x1: 882, y1: 404, x2: 144, y2: 267, x3: 27, y3: 31)

ctx.compOp = .sourceOver

// Detach the rendering context from `img`.

// Let's use some built-in codecs provided by Blend2D.
let codec = BLImageCodec(builtInCodec: .bmp)

try img.writeToFile("bl-getting-started-1.bmp", codec: codec)

This should create an image in the current working directory like so:

Sample 1

There are more examples that reproduce each sample from Blend2D's homepage within that file.


The source code for SwiftBlend2D is distributed under the MIT license.

The incorporated source code from Blend2D is licensed under the zlib license.