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A protocol version 6 client for Ogar and its forks.
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An unofficial client used to run with Ogar based servers. Allows you to connect to an Ogar based server and have the abilities of the new protocol in a smaller and cleaner client.

Obtaining and Using

Due to parts of Cigar require the use of PHP, you will need to have a web environment with PHP for parts to work. So the project will have to be installed on a webserver or localhost.

You will need a webserver capable of running PHP only, also it cannot be run off file:// due to cross-origin blocks.

Now using Protocol 6

This version of the client is using the new-ish protocol 6. Uses around 8% less packet size than before. As well, you can use hidden skin setting with the angled brackets, if the server supports it.

Recommended Servers

This client can be used with any server that is built with the same protocol and connect with it properly. However, the recommended server that we are building for and works best with Cigar to get all the features out of it with is MultiOgar-Edited.

Configuring Cigar

Adding More Server Dropdowns

The connection method on Cigar works through the function of


To add another server, you can call any element that has the main_out.js called to run the function and the server will change within the canvas. To add another dropdown that will switch to your server, add the following line inside of the existing dropdown box.

<option value="IP:PORT">NAME</option>

Replace IP:PORT with the ones that are corresponding with your server, you can also change the NAME to anything you like.

Changing Skins Folder

The skins folder can be changed to any folder that is located on your web server. If you wish to move the skins folder onto another domain, please do note that the checkdir.php file might stop working and that will break skins from showing up in game.

To change the skin folder on the set webserver, you will need to update 3 files.

www/assets/js/main_out.js: Remember, folder location here is relative to www/index.html

SKIN_URL = "./skins/", // edit me

www/checkdir.php: Remember, folder location here is relative to www/index.html

$images = glob('./skins/*.{png}', GLOB_BRACE); # <-- edit the ./skins/ part

www/include/gallery.php: Remember, the first variable is relative to www/include/gallery.php, and the second one to www/index.html

# Skin directory relative to include/gallery.php (this file)
$skindir = "../skins/"; # <-- edit me

# Skin directory relative to index.html
$skindirhtml = "./skins/"; # <-- edit me

Be sure that all your skins are in .PNG format and that all URLs end with a /.


You can get support from the community and developers by adding issues or suggestions in the issues tab at this repository. However please do note, if you remove the backlink to Cigar on your project, we will NOT provide support for your website.


Please see for contribution guidelines.


Please see

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