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WebSocket close codes

Close code (uint16) Codename Internal Customizable Description
0 - 999 Yes No Unused
1000 CLOSE_NORMAL No No Successful operation / regular socket shutdown
1001 CLOSE_GOING_AWAY No No Client is leaving (browser tab closing)
1002 CLOSE_PROTOCOL_ERROR Yes No Endpoint received a malformed frame
1003 CLOSE_UNSUPPORTED Yes No Endpoint received an unsupported frame (e.g. binary-only endpoint received text frame)
1004 Yes No Reserved
1005 CLOSED_NO_STATUS Yes No Expected close status, received none
1006 CLOSE_ABNORMAL Yes No No close code frame has been receieved
1007 Unsupported payload Yes No Endpoint received inconsistent message (e.g. malformed UTF-8)
1008 Policy violation No No Generic code used for situations other than 1003 and 1009
1009 CLOSE_TOO_LARGE No No Endpoint won't process large frame
1010 Mandatory extension No No Client wanted an extension which server did not negotiate
1011 Server error No No Internal server error while operating
1012 Service restart No No Server/service is restarting
1013 Try again later No No Temporary server condition forced blocking client's request
1014 Bad gateway No No Server acting as gateway received an invalid response
1015 TLS handshake fail Yes No Transport Layer Security handshake failure
1016 - 1999 Yes No Reserved for later
2000 - 2999 Yes Yes Reserved for websocket extensions
3000 - 3999 No Yes Registered first come first serve at IANA
4000 - 4999 No Yes Available for applications


A table of predefined WebSocket close codes/ranges



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