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Thinkpad X1 Yoga / Carbon (20FQ model) hackintosh

Contains information for running 10.11, (10.13) and 10.14 on the X1. I will not continue providing support for 10.11 and 10.13 as I find 10.14 is stable enough now. I will leave the config for 10.11 here but I don't have one for 10.13 any longer.

What works

  • Boot
  • Shut Down (No reboot)
  • QE/CI
  • Battery status
  • Touchpad with gestures
  • Trackpoint
  • Keyboard
  • Brightness + brightness keys
  • Sound + volume keys
  • HDMI/DP video + (sound)
  • WiFi and Bt if card is swapped
  • HiDPi
  • Sleep

What doesn't

  • Keyboard doesn't work after sleep
  • Random if Bluetooth, touch works. (Maybe more consistent if some USB devices are disabled in BIOS)

Other notes

  • Battery life isn't great


8 Aug 2018

  • I recreated my DSDT and I no longer have the reboot issue! yay!
  • Also suddenly sleep on lid works, but kbd doesn't

7 Aug 2018

  • HDMI/DP Audio seems to work fine with the same setup after updating to Mojave Beta 6
  • Because there's no port limit removal patch for Mojave I've disabled some USB devices in BIOS (i.e. WWAN) for more consistend USB avaliability