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The aim of this boilerplate, is to facilitate the development of templates for Wordpress, using modern patterns.


  • Underscore blank based theme with SCSS support.
  • Bootstrap3 SASS oficial version (think mixins!).
  • Automatic error checking for Javascript scripts.
  • Automatic image compression (jpg, png, gif, and svg!).
  • Gulp task for development html/js components.
  • Gulp task for compile and build the dist version.

Included libraries

  • jQuery 1.11.3: the last version compatible with older browsers (I'm talking to you, IE8).
  • Bootstrap-3: CSS & JS components.
  • Bootstrap-3-SASS: for the mixins.
  • html5shiv: Add HTML5 tags compatibility to IE8+.
  • bootstrap-select: a jQuery plugin that replace the <select> tag with a bootstrap3 dropdown.
  • Slick-slider: a responsibe carousel jQuery plugin.

Note: To add new vendors resources, use Bower, and then add the appropriate resources in the gulp.config.js file.
The resources will be automatically added to the files js\vendors.js and css\vendors.css of the project.


  1. Download and install XAMPP.
  2. Create a proyect folder in XAMPP web root folder.
cd C:\XAMPP\htdocs
md wpgboilerplate
  1. Donwload and extract the boilerplate files on the new wpgboilerplate folder.

  2. Download the Wordpress zip copy and extract it in the \wpgboilerplate\dev folder.

  3. Run vhost_maker.bat script to setup a new dev.wpgbolierplate.local virtual host in XAMMP and windows.

    Note: Run this as administrator, or the script will be unable to write the windows host file.

    • Set the absolute path to XAMPP installation, or press enter to use the default (_C:\XAMPP_).
    • Set the absolute path to the XAMPP web root folder, or press enter to use the default (_C:\XAMPP\htdocs_).
    • Set the domain prefix or press enter to use the default (dev).
    • Set the domain suffix, or press enter to use the default (local).
    • Set the domain name for your project: wpgboilerplate.
    • Set the relative path to the project \dev folder relative to XAMPP web root: wpgboilerplate\dev\.
  4. Start XAMPP web server.

  5. Start XAMPP mySQL server.

  6. In the browser navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create a new wpgboilerplate_db data base ( utf8_general_ci collation).

  7. Make sure you have the packets gulp and bower installed as global: npm -g gulp bower.

  8. Install Node.js dependencies: npm install.

  9. Install Bower dependencies: bower install.

  10. Use var theme_name = 'wbgboilerplate'; in gulp.config.js file to set an unique name for your wordpress theme.

  11. Start the gulp/php developer webserver.

  1. In the browser navigate to http://dev.wpgbolierplate.local/ to start the Wordpress installation.
    • Set the database name to wpgboilerplate_db.
    • Set the database user to root (XAMPP default) and leave the password empty (XAMPP default).
    • Complete the rest of the fields as you prefer.

Gulp Tasks

Development Task (default)

This task will compile all files from \src folder to \dev folder, and start the web server for development.


Components Development Task

This task will compile all files from \src folder to \components folder, and start the web server for component development.

gulp comp

Build Task

This task will compile all files from \src folder to \dist folder. Ready for distribution.

gulp build

Folder structure

|	\---wp-content
|		\---themes
|			\---wbgboilerplate
|	\---wbgboilerplate
Folder Description
src Where all project files are developed.
components Where all individual HTML components are developed.
dev Where the compiled project and live develop web server runs.
dist Where the static compiled project reside, after a build.


  • XAMPP: to run Apache, PHP, and MySQL database, and run Wordpress too.
  • Node.js: to run Gulp.
  • Gulp for Node.js: to run the Gulp Tasks.
  • Bower for Node.js: to install dependencies.

Installation notes

Fix git can't access git:// urls

In some networks Node.js or bower fails to access a online packages because the git:// protocole is blocked.

A workaround is to configure Git to globaly use the protocol https:// instead.

git config --global url."https://".insteadOf git://

Fix 'libsass' bindings not found. Try reinstalling 'node-sass'?

Tho use gulp-sass package you need to propper install Node.js plus Windows Build Tools package.

  1. Run this line to automaticlly download and install the Windows Build Tools and Pythons 2.7.
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

NOTE: Both installations are conflict-free, meaning that they do not mess with existing installations of Visual Studio, C++ Build Tools, or Python.

  1. Add the new python install folder to the Windows Path variable.
set PATH=%PATH%;%USERPROFILE%\.windows-build-tools\python27
  1. Install gulp-sass version 2 to make it work on windows.
npm install gulp-sass@2


To view this document more easily, install chrome Markdown Preview Plus add-on.


Boilerplate for Wordpress theme web project



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