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Welcome to the source code of BaseX.

To get the project running as smooth as possible, please consider the following notes:

Compiling BaseX

JDK 1.6 and JUnit is currently required to compile the complete sources of the main project. If you are using another environment than Eclipse or don't have JUnit installed, just delete the test packages inside the project and rebuild the project.

Please take a look at the Maven documentation for information on how to use Maven.

You can launch the following classes, which are all placed in the basex-core directory and the org.basex main package:

BaseX        : console mode
BaseXServer  : server instance, waiting for requests
BaseXClient  : console mode, interacting with the server
BaseXGUI     : graphical user interface

Moreover, try -h to list the available command line options. For example, you can use BaseX to process XQuery expressions without entering the console.

Using Eclipse

BaseX is being developed with the Eclipse environment. Some style guidelines are integrated in the sources of BaseX; they are being embedded as soon as you open the project.

Running BaseX

The following steps can be performed to start BaseX with Eclipse:

  • Press Run -> Run...
  • Create a new Java Application launch configuration
  • Select basex as Project
  • Choose a Main class (e.g., org.basex.BaseXGUI)
  • Launch the project via Run

Adding Checkstyle

Some additional Checkstyle guidelines are defined in the project:

  • Open Eclipse
  • Press Help -> Install new Software...
  • Press Search for new features to install
  • Enter the URL:
  • Follow the installation procedure and restart Eclipse

Using Git

The code base of BaseX can be accessed via GitHub.


Any kind of feedback is welcome; please check out the documentation.

Tell us if you run into any troubles installing BaseX:

You are as well invited to contribute to our bug tracker.

All the best,

BaseX Team, 2015