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ESP-8266 Plant Watering V3

A plant watering system using the ESP-8266 D1 Mini microcontroller and ESPHome / Home Assistant for controlling featuring water flow measurement, a water level sensor and a soil moisture sensor

This repository contains the configuration used for programming the D1 Mini using ESPHome as well as well as the corresponding electric plan and the configuration used for Home Assistant integration. As MQTT is used for communication with Home Assistant, you need to set up a MQTT broker of your choice in advance.

Major parts

Electric Layout

The electric layout is pretty simple for this project. You can find the electric plan in the following image. Electric Plan

Flashing the D1 Mini

An ESPHome installation is required for flashing the D1 Mini. Follow this guide to set things up. In order to integrate the system into your WiFi, you need to rename the file secrets_template.yaml to secrets.yaml and fill your passwords in. Afterwards just run esphome plant_watering.yaml run and you're good to go.

Home Assistant Integration

In newer Home-Assistant installations, your plant watering system will be automatically detected. If not, you can use the ESPHome-Integration to integrate it into Home-Assistant


A Plant Watering system for Home-Assistant based on ESP-8266 providing a waterflow sensor, a water level sensor and a soil moisture sensor




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