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Gatsby Theme Jam Submission Example

This repo is an example and potential starting point for theme creators.

It includes:

  • a bare-bones theme (located in theme/) that includes basic setup
  • a demo site (located in demo/) that installs the theme
  • a Yarn workspaces configuration so the theme and demo can be worked on simultaneously

How to use this repo

NOTE: Make sure to replace USERNAME with your GitHub username and THEMENAME with your theme name.

  1. Fork this repo.

  2. Rename the forked repo gatsby-theme-THEMENAME. (Make sure to replace THEMENAME with your chosen name.)

  3. Get the theme set up locally.

    # clone the repo
    git clone
    # move into the directory
    cd gatsby-theme-THEMENAME
    # install dependencies
  4. Update theme/package.json with your info.

    +   "name": "gatsby-theme-THEMENAME",
    +   "author": "Your Name <>",
        "repository": {
          "type": "git",
    +     "url": ""
  5. Start the demo site.

    yarn workspace demo develop

    The demo will start at http://localhost:8000

    NOTE: If you’re new to Yarn workspaces, check out this post for details.

  6. Start editing the theme! The demo site is configured to use the local theme, so any changes you make to the local theme directory will be reflected on the demo site for easy local development.

  7. Follow the submission checklist to make sure your theme qualifies to win!

  8. Submit your theme to win!

More information

For contest rules and more information, see the Theme Jam website.


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