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objects= expr.cmo parser.cmo lexer.cmo eval.cmo main.cmo
packages= postgresql str.cma
yadi: $(objects)
ocamlfind ocamlc -package $(packages) -thread -linkpkg $(objects) -o yadi parser.mly expr.cmi
ocamlyacc $<
parser.cmi: parser.mli
ocamlc -c parser.mli
parser.cmo: parser.cmi
ocamlc -c lexer.mll parser.cmi expr.cmi
ocamllex $<
main.cmo: expr.cmo eval.cmo parser.cmo lexer.cmo
ocamlfind ocamlc -package $(packages) -thread -c
ocamlc -c $<
%.cmi: %ml
ocamlc -c $<
eval.cmo: expr.cmo
clean :
rm *.cmo *.cmi parser.mli
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