Python client for DNSimple domain registration and DNS hosting
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Python DNSimple


This is a client for the DNSimple REST API. It currently allows you to fetch existing domain info, as well as bulk-register new domains. More features are on the way.


Before you begin, you will need the excellent requests module, by Kenneth Reitz. To install it, run either

    pip install requests

or, if you absolutely must:

    easy_install requests

But, you know, don't do it that way.

Getting started

From your code, import the module:

from dnsimple import DNSimple

Create a DNSimple object, using your username and password.

dns = DNSimple(username, password) 

Check out your existing domains:

Just run:

domains = dns.getdomain()

Results appear as list of Python dicts:

['domain': {'created_at': '2010-10-14T09:45:32Z',
            'expires_at': '10/14/2011 5:45:00 AM',
            'id': 999,
            'last_enom_order_id': None,
            'name': '',
            'name_server_status': 'active',
            'registrant_id': 99,
            'registration_status': 'registered',
            'updated_at': '2010-10-14T10:00:14Z',
            'user_id': 99}},
{'domain': {'created_at': '2010-10-15T16:02:34Z',
            'expires_at': '10/15/2011 12:02:00 PM',
            'id': 999,
            'last_enom_order_id': None,
            'name': '',
            'name_server_status': 'active',
            'registrant_id': 99,
            'registration_status': 'registered',
            'updated_at': '2010-10-15T16:30:16Z',
            'user_id': 99}}]

Check out a specific domain


Results are the same as getdomains() above, but only show the domain specified.

Register a new domain

Just run:


This will register '', automatically picking the registrant_id from your first domain. To specify a particularly registrant_id, just run:

dns.register_domain('', 99)

Responses will be in a dictionary describing the newly created domain, same as the getdomain() above.

Going further

More complicated tasks can be performed on domains. Additionally, you can manage users, templates, records and SSL certificates. Currently, the best documentation is the source: I'm working on docs.


Licensed under the MIT license