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@@ -7,20 +7,13 @@ This is a client for the DNSimple REST API. It currently allows you to fetch exi
### Getting started
-You'll need the simplejson module installed.
-Create a file called .dnsimple in the current dir with the following data:
- username:
- password: yourpassword
-Then import the module:
+From your code, import the module:
from dnsimple import DNSimple
-And create a DNSimple object:
+Create a DNSimple object, using your username and password.
- dns = DNSimple()
+ dns = DNSimple(username, password)
### Check out your existing domains:
@@ -72,4 +65,4 @@ Responses will be in a dictionary describing the newly created domain, same as t
### License
-Licensed under the [MIT license](
+Licensed under the [MIT license](

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