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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
import json
import os
import tempfile
import unittest
# Path hack.
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('..'))
import requests
from requests.compat import cookielib
# More hacks
from test_requests import httpbin, TestBaseMixin
class CookieTests(TestBaseMixin, unittest.TestCase):
def test_cookies_from_response(self):
"""Basic test that we correctly parse received cookies in the Response object."""
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'myname', 'myvalue'))
# test deprecated dictionary interface
self.assertEqual(r.cookies['myname'], 'myvalue')
self.assertEqual(r.cookies.get('myname'), 'myvalue')
# test CookieJar interface
jar = r.cookies
self.assertEqual(len(jar), 1)
cookie_from_jar = list(jar)[0]
self.assertCookieHas(cookie_from_jar, name='myname', value='myvalue')
q = requests.get(httpbin('cookies'), cookies=jar)
self.assertEqual(json.loads(q.text)['cookies'], {'myname': 'myvalue'})
def test_crossdomain_cookies(self):
"""Cookies should not be sent to domains they didn't originate from."""
r = requests.get("")
c = r.cookies
# github should send us cookies
self.assertTrue(len(c) >= 1)
# github cookies should not be sent to
r2 = requests.get(httpbin('cookies'), cookies=c)
self.assertEqual(json.loads(r2.text)['cookies'], {})
# let's do this again using the session object
s = requests.session()
self.assertTrue(len(s.cookies) >= 1)
r = s.get(httpbin('cookies'))
self.assertEqual(json.loads(r.text)['cookies'], {})
# we can set a cookie and get exactly that same-domain cookie back:
r = s.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'myname', 'myvalue'))
self.assertEqual(json.loads(r.text)['cookies'], {'myname': 'myvalue'})
def test_overwrite(self):
"""Cookies should get overwritten when appropriate."""
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'shimon', 'yochai'))
cookies = r.cookies
requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'elazar', 'shimon'), cookies=cookies)
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies'), cookies=cookies)
{'shimon': 'yochai', 'elazar': 'shimon'})
# overwrite the value of 'shimon'
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'shimon', 'gamaliel'), cookies=cookies)
self.assertEqual(len(cookies), 2)
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies'), cookies=cookies)
{'shimon': 'gamaliel', 'elazar': 'shimon'})
def test_redirects(self):
"""Test that cookies set by a 302 page are correctly processed."""
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'redirects', 'work'))
self.assertEqual(r.history[0].status_code, 302)
expected_cookies = {'redirects': 'work'}
self.assertEqual(json.loads(r.text)['cookies'], expected_cookies)
r2 = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'very', 'well'), cookies=r.cookies)
expected_cookies = {'redirects': 'work', 'very': 'well'}
self.assertEqual(json.loads(r2.text)['cookies'], expected_cookies)
self.assertTrue(r.cookies is r2.cookies)
def test_none_cookie(self):
"""Regression test: don't send a Cookie header with a string value of 'None'!"""
page = json.loads(requests.get(httpbin('headers')).text)
self.assertTrue('Cookie' not in page['headers'])
def test_secure_cookies(self):
"""Test that secure cookies can only be sent via https."""
header = "Set-Cookie: ThisIsA=SecureCookie; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly"
url = '' % (requests.utils.quote(header),)
cookies = requests.get(url, verify=False).cookies
self.assertEqual(len(cookies), 1)
self.assertEqual(list(cookies)[0].secure, True)
secure_resp = requests.get('', cookies=cookies, verify=False)
secure_cookies_sent = json.loads(secure_resp.text)['cookies']
self.assertEqual(secure_cookies_sent, {'ThisIsA': 'SecureCookie'})
insecure_resp = requests.get('', cookies=cookies)
insecure_cookies_sent = json.loads(insecure_resp.text)['cookies']
self.assertEqual(insecure_cookies_sent, {})
def test_disabled_cookie_persistence(self):
"""Test that cookies are not persisted when configured accordingly."""
config = {'store_cookies' : False}
# Check the case when no cookie is passed as part of the request and the one in response is ignored
cookies = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'key', 'value'), config = config).cookies
self.assertTrue(cookies.get("key") is None)
# Test that the cookies passed while making the request still gets used and is available in response object.
# only the ones received from server is not saved
cookies_2 = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'key', 'value'), config = config,\
cookies = {"key_2" : "value_2"}).cookies
self.assertEqual(len(cookies_2), 1)
self.assertEqual(cookies_2.get("key_2"), "value_2")
# Use the session and make sure that the received cookie is not used in subsequent calls
s = requests.session()
s.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'key', 'value'), config = config)
r = s.get(httpbin('cookies'))
self.assertEqual(json.loads(r.text)['cookies'], {})
def test_jar_utility_functions(self):
"""Test utility functions such as list_domains, list_paths, multiple_domains."""
r = requests.get("")
c = r.cookies
# github should send us cookies
self.assertTrue(len(c) >= 1)
self.assertEqual(len(c), len(r.cookies.keys()))
self.assertEqual(len(c), len(r.cookies.values()))
self.assertEqual(len(c), len(r.cookies.items()))
# domain and path utility functions
domain = r.cookies.list_domains()[0]
path = r.cookies.list_paths()[0]
self.assertEqual(dict(r.cookies), r.cookies.get_dict(domain=domain, path=path))
self.assertEqual(len(r.cookies.list_domains()), 1)
self.assertEqual(len(r.cookies.list_paths()), 1)
def test_convert_jar_to_dict(self):
"""Test that keys, values, and items are defined and that we can convert
cookie jars to plain old Python dicts."""
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'myname', 'myvalue'))
# test keys, values, and items
self.assertEqual(r.cookies.keys(), ['myname'])
self.assertEqual(r.cookies.values(), ['myvalue'])
self.assertEqual(r.cookies.items(), [('myname','myvalue')])
# test if we can convert jar to dict
dictOfCookies = dict(r.cookies)
self.assertEqual(dictOfCookies, {'myname':'myvalue'})
self.assertEqual(dictOfCookies, r.cookies.get_dict())
class LWPCookieJarTest(TestBaseMixin, unittest.TestCase):
"""Check store/load of cookies to FileCookieJar's, specifically LWPCookieJar's."""
COOKIEJAR_CLASS = cookielib.LWPCookieJar
def setUp(self):
# blank the file
self.cookiejar_file = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile()
self.cookiejar_filename =
cookiejar = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
def tearDown(self):
except OSError:
def test_cookiejar_persistence(self):
"""Test that we can save cookies to a FileCookieJar."""
cookiejar = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
# initially should be blank
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar), 0)
response = requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'key', 'value'), cookies=cookiejar)
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar), 1)
cookie = list(cookiejar)[0]
self.assertEqual(json.loads(response.text)['cookies'], {'key': 'value'})
self.assertCookieHas(cookie, name='key', value='value')
# save and reload the cookies from the file:
cookiejar_2 = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar_2), 1)
cookie_2 = list(cookiejar_2)[0]
# this cookie should have been saved with the correct domain restriction:
self.assertCookieHas(cookie_2, name='key', value='value',
domain='', path='/')
# httpbin sets session cookies, so if we don't ignore the discard attribute,
# there should be no cookie:
cookiejar_3 = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar_3), 0)
def test_crossdomain(self):
"""Test persistence of the domains associated with the cookies."""
cookiejar = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar), 0)
# github sets a cookie
requests.get("", cookies=cookiejar)
num_github_cookies = len(cookiejar)
self.assertTrue(num_github_cookies >= 1)
# httpbin sets another
requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'key', 'value'), cookies=cookiejar)
num_total_cookies = len(cookiejar)
self.assertTrue(num_total_cookies >= 2)
self.assertTrue(num_total_cookies > num_github_cookies)
# save and load
cookiejar_2 = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar_2), num_total_cookies)
r = requests.get(httpbin('cookies'), cookies=cookiejar_2)
self.assertEqual(json.loads(r.text)['cookies'], {'key': 'value'})
def test_persistent_cookies(self):
"""Test that we correctly interpret persistent cookies."""
# httpbin's normal cookie methods don't send persistent cookies,
# so cook up the appropriate header and force it to send
header = "Set-Cookie: Persistent=CookiesAreScary; expires=Sun, 04-May-2032 04:56:50 GMT; path=/"
url = httpbin('response-headers?%s' % (requests.utils.quote(header),))
cookiejar = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
requests.get(url, cookies=cookiejar)
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar), 1)
self.assertCookieHas(list(cookiejar)[0], name='Persistent', value='CookiesAreScary')
requests.get(httpbin('cookies', 'set', 'ThisCookieIs', 'SessionOnly'), cookies=cookiejar)
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar), 2)
self.assertEqual(len([c for c in cookiejar if == 'Persistent']), 1)
self.assertEqual(len([c for c in cookiejar if == 'ThisCookieIs']), 1)
# save and load
cookiejar_2 = self.COOKIEJAR_CLASS(self.cookiejar_filename)
# we should only load the persistent cookie
self.assertEqual(len(cookiejar_2), 1)
self.assertCookieHas(list(cookiejar_2)[0], name='Persistent', value='CookiesAreScary')
class MozCookieJarTest(LWPCookieJarTest):
"""Same test, but substitute MozillaCookieJar."""
COOKIEJAR_CLASS = cookielib.MozillaCookieJar
if __name__ == '__main__':
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