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Open Source DHT11/DHT22 sensor infrastructure
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Project goal

This project aims to create simple website with current temperature and humidity from sensor connected to ESP8266. Support for Raspberry Pi is not ready yet.


ESP8266 acts as web server, and provides temperature and humidity in following format:

xx.xx yy.yy

Where xx.xx is humidity, and yy.yy is temperature.

On more powerfull server (I use VPS for that, you can use Raspberry pi or really anything that can run CRON, web server, MySQL and PHP), there is cron script that runs every 5 minutes, which connects to sensor, receives data, and saves it to MySQL database.

On the same server, you can setup website that shows current temperature and humidity. You can see live example here. Please note, that this live example is both my testing and production enviromment so it's often broken.


Plots are generated in browser, using See example here

Scripting API

website provides API for raw data and JSON data


Integration with OpenWeatherMap
Support for more platforms
Support for more sensors
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