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Mahara code highlighting plugin block
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Code highlighting artefact block for Mahara

This is my first (ever) experience of developing atop Mahara, written during a hackathon at the Mahara UK 2012 conference. It adds a new block to Mahara's portfolio editor that can highlight the code contained within an uploaded file artefact.


Plugin copyright (c) 2012 The Development Manager Ltd;
                          Luke Carrier

highlight.js copyright (c) 2006 Ivan Sagalaev


Just drop the code directory into the artefact/file/blocktype directory of your installation, then enable the plugin in Administration -> Plugin administration.

Adding support for other languages

Out of the box, support is provided for a few commonly used languages. If you wish to add more, you can download a customised copy of highlight.js and replace the one we ship.


If you'd like a hand installing or using the plugin or suggest a feature, you're welcome to contact me personally by email:

lc at tdm dot info

Alternatively, if you'd like to enquire about my employer's managed services, please contact us via one of the following:

t: 0333 10 100 89
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