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The oursql MySQL bindings for Python pre-modified for version 3
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oursql v0.9.2 (for Python 3)!

About this fork

Having being totally unable to find any sort of authority in terms of the development and maintenance of this module, and having run into issues with distribute (the package in PyPI seems to be broken for some completely unknown reason) and a minor bug in oursql.c, I've decided to repackage this module on github with a couple of minor fixes:

  • you can generate an egg by cd'ing into the source directory and executing python3.2 bdist_egg
  • cursors no longer throw these errors: '_DictStatement' object has no attribute 'charset'

The usual warning

I screw up sometimes. My knowledge of Python's internals is incredibly limited. If this breaks things (no matter how unlikely), I apologise, but I cannot be held liable for any damage caused.


The installation process is pretty simple:

  • Install distribute (use 0.6.19, or visit this bug ticket to fix the errors about httplib)
  • Install cpython via easy_install: easy_install-3.2 cpython
  • Clone the repository: git clone
  • Build the module: cd py3k-oursql python3.2 bdist_egg
  • Install said module: easy_install-3.2 dist/*.egg

More information

Comprehensive documentation for oursql is available online:

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