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Material for "ML Introduction to ndarray" workshop at RustFest 2019.
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An ML introduction to ndarray

Happy RustFest!

It's my pleasure to welcome you to the ML introduction to ndarray workshop!

The material is structured as a series of exercises, or koans, that you can find in the src/koans directory.

You can get started with

git clone
cd ndarray-koans
cargo run

Follow the instructions shown in the terminal to start the first exercise.




  • Rust 1.38 (or higher) with cargo
    • Check link for installation instruction if you don't have Rust installed on your machine
    • If you already have Rust installed, run rustc --version to check the version. Run rustup update if you need to update your toolchain (if you installed using rustup)

There are some Jupyter notebooks that you will have to run to perform some data visualisations. Install instructions for those are in python/


A basic knowledge of Rust is assumed (the first half of the book?). If you run into any issue with the language, please ping me and we'll sort it together!


Throughout the workshop, the following resources might turn out to be useful:

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