A plugin to show how the WP Rest API works.
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=== WP Rest API Test Bed ===

Contributors: lukepettway
Tags: rest api
Requires at least: 3.0.1
Tested up to: 3.4
Stable tag: 4.3
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Test out the WordPress Rest API on your own site. No JS or Ajax knowledge required. 

== Description ==

My goal with this plugin is to provide a simple way for anyone to see how the endpoints in the Rest API work on their own website. There will be a simple GUI that you can use to pull your content and display the JSON data, while also giving you a small tutorial on how to modify the requests to get specific information. 

This is actually my first plugin so any tips on how to improve what I am working on are welcome and very much appreciated.

== Installation ==

1. You'll need V2 of the WP REST API which is here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rest-api/
2. Upload the `wp-rest-api-test-bed` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
4. Go to Tools and then WP Rest API Test Bed

== Currently Working on ==

1. Comments Display
2. Custom Post Types Display
3. Media Display
4. Show What the Ajax Javascript Looks Like (maybe have an option to directly copy it)
5. Controls for Adding Specifics for Requests (such as post ID)

== How You Can Help ==

1. Tell me what confuses you about the Rest API 
2. Suggest a feature or enhancement