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Luke's GNU/Linux Dotfiles

There are my dotfiles! The name of the repo, "voidrice", came from the fact they were originally on my Void Linux machine, but these files are distro-independent. In fact, I now push changes from my X200 running Parabola or my X220 running Arch.

Programs whose configs can be found here

  • i3 (i3-gaps)
  • urxvt (rxvt-unicode) (although these files use my st build as the default terminal)
  • vim
  • bash
  • ranger
  • qutebrowser
  • mutt/msmtp/offlineimap Now moved to LukeSmithxyz/mutt-wizard
  • calcurse
  • ncmpcpp and mpd (my main music player)
  • Music on Console (moc and mocp as an alternative music player)
  • mpv
  • neofetch
  • compton (For transparency and to stop screen tearing)
  • And many little scripts I use

More documentation

Check other config folders for more specific documentation.

i3 guide and config

ranger configuration

list of scripts in the `~/.scripts/ directory

Dynamic Configuration Files

Store your favorite or high-traffic folders in ~/.config/Scripts/folders or your most important config files in ~/.config/Scripts/configs with keyboard shortcuts. When you add things to theses files my vimrc will automatically run ~/.config/Scripts/ which will dynamically generate shortcuts for these in bash, ranger and qutebrowser!

Check out more info at the main repo for this: shortcut-sync. You will really want to take advantage of this for an extremely efficient setup!

Like my rice?

Feel free to add other suggestions and I may implement them.

I have a job, but every penny I get from followers or subscribers is more incentive to perfect what I'm doing. You can donate to me at Donations are earmarked for whatever the donator wants, usually to go to funds for buying new equipment for the YouTube channel.

"Dependencies" and programs used

The programs I use here are always changing, but luckily you can just look at the installation list for LARBS here:

For your info, if the second column is a capital letter, that means that it's not installed by default, only when the user specifically requests it. Those with lowercase letters are just for classification purposes. Don't think you have to install every package to get these dotfiles working of course, but this list is a sufficient condition for full functionality. If you run into an error running my dotfiles, chances are the package you need is there.

The only program not listed on that list is the one you have to install manually: my st build, which is easy enough to install.