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On The Road theme for WordPress > 3.0

Built using the Google Maps API, On The Road is a responsive, map-based WordPress theme designed with the traveler in mind. Bloggers can tag posts to a interactive map with customizable markers. Readers can then access posts via the map, visualize the route of travel and see the location of specific posts. (

Getting Started:

  • Download the theme and place in wp-content > themes
  • Open WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > On The Road
  • Follow the instructions for obtaining a Google Maps API key

Important source files

js/main.js - Includes all JavaScript used to interact with Google Maps API
js/jquery.screwdefaultbuttonsV2.min.js - Developed by Matt Solano (, this plugin is used to modify the map radio buttons
style.css - Main CSS file
advanced-custom-fields/acf.php - Advanced Custom Fields plugin ( by Elliot Condon, used for tagging to map while creating posts
inc/map_functions.php - used to pass map data to main.js

— Luke Whyte (, 2013
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