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Saving onboard SHSH blobs of current iOS version

LukeeGD edited this page Mar 19, 2023 · 3 revisions
  • iOS-OTA-Downgrader can also be used to save on-board SHSH blobs of 32-bit iOS devices.
  1. Prepare your iOS device by following the steps in the Restore to 32-bit device page.
    • For not jailbroken methods, you may also go to the DFU Advanced Menu section of Troubleshooting
  2. Start the script and select "Save Onboard Blobs"
  3. Download and select the IPSW of your current iOS version
  4. Follow the given instructions. If the process is successful, valid SHSH blobs of your current iOS version will be saved.
  • If blob dumping fails for some reason, try using another USB port.