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A Chrome extension to share github projects on Twitter & Facebook
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gitShare is a small but efficient Chrome extension, that allows to share any github project directly on Twitter or Facebook.


  • Clone this repo or grab the last release
  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • If it's not already done, check the checkbox "Developer mode"
  • Click on "Load unpacked extension"
  • Open the the gitShare/extension folder
  • And it's done !

Now what ?

Now just browse github, and each time you'll be in a github repository, you will see this new "Share" button !

The share buttons looks like this :


How to actually share ?

I did a video to show you how it works :

Final words

This extenstion exists because : Sharing is caring.

And as web-people, we should support projects that we do like / use.


I'm a huge fan of open source projects, communities and team work, that's why I encourage you to fork this project, and improve it or make it for an other browser.

The extension for everyone


You can find different versions of the logo on the assets/ folder.


Original octopus icon by Carol Costa, from the Noun Project.

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