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One idea, 6 possibilities

The project Menu-to-cross-icon is a project made to show people different ways to create a "Menu icon" that switch into a "cross icon" ( ☰ -> ✖ ) .

Some techniques use vanilla javascript, some uses jQuery and some are powerd by CSS only!

Few secrets

  • No matter where you are on the page, clicking the code brackets icon, will vertically center the page into your browser.
  • Clicking the codepen icon when the code snippet zone is open, will generate a new pen containing the code snippet, you will be able to play with it.
  • Pressing the up/down arrows, will get you to the next/previous section.

Special thanks to :

Want to contribute ?

If you ever want to contribute to the project, just add a pull request with a link to a gist containing all needed codes.

Contributions :

Gist to contribution from @pestbarn :