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#Drupal Boilerplate#

Drupal boilerplate is not a module. Instead it just serves as a directory structure for starting a new drupal site. The idea behind Drupal boilerplate came from working on so many different sites which each follow their own development practice, directory structure, deployment guidelines, etc...

Drupal boilerplate tries to simplify starting a new site by having the most common directory structures and files already included and set up.

##Getting started## You can start by downloading this project. Once you download it you will find that every folder contains a file. This file has been extensively documented to explain what belongs in that specific directory.

Here's a breakdown for what each directory/file is used for. If you want to know more please read the readme inside the specific directory.

  • docroot
  • Where your drupal root should start.
  • drush
  • Contains project specific drush commands, aliases, and configurations.
  • results
  • This directory is just used to export test results to. A good example of this is when running drush test-run with the --xml option. You can export the xml to this directory for parsing by external tools.
  • scripts
  • A directory for project-specific scripts.
  • test
  • A directory for external tests. This is great for non drupal specific tests such as selenium, qunit, casperjs.
  • .gitignore
  • Contains the a list of the most common excluded files.

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