Reorganize project to have JS full stack with node.js server #48

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Updated Gruntfile. #47

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This is a pretty large change. From the diff I gather that you used a different generator (I've heard that the fullstack generator has a much better directory structure for angular apps) which changes the standard directory structure and the options in grunt.

It's a pretty big change that I'd want @q0rban and @webthingee to see before merging, but can you give any other details about this request @mateu-aguilo-bosch?

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This was just me playing around with the app. I wanted to make room for a node.js backend that we could then use to do things like sending emails.

Maybe someday we will reach a point where we need to move away from firebase (I think it's only free for development) and have our own MEAN stack.

Anyway, this bumps up the grunt version and adds grunt-bower-install, but does nothing interesting yet. Feel free to ignore this one if you want to have a conversation about the usefulness of having the aforementioned MEAN stack.

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Send emails #50

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