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:triangular_ruler: AngularJs app to help with my weekly report.
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AngularJs app to help with my weekly report.


  1. Checkout the master branch.
  2. Install yeoman and bower with npm install -g yo bower.
  3. Install any node dependencies with npm install.
  4. Install any bower components with bower install.
  5. Install compass for building Sass with gem install compass
  6. Run the app with grunt server.


  • If you get an error with SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN, try running the following command before re-trying the install: npm config set strict-ssl false
  • If you get permission errors, try running the commands as the administrative user with sudo.


  1. Make sure there is an issue for anything you are working on.
  2. Create a new branch for your issue (something like 9-doc-contrib for issue #9)
  3. Make sure any commits to this branch reference the ticket number (ex: Ref: #9)
  4. Push the branch to the remote
  5. Use hub to atach your code to the issue (ex: hub pull-request -i 9)

Build process

  1. run grunt build
  2. run grunt gh-pages
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