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A collection of cybersecurity puzzles.
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Reverse Engineering


Sapphire CTF is a beginners-level CTF developed by a student, with categories such as Bash, Crypto, Trivia, and more.

The CTF was originally made by the Sapphire Development Group to create a challenge for Sapphire Hacking & Coding's community. Since the shutdown of Sapphire Development Group, the challenges were left unused. The puzzles were up on a CTFd site for a while, and now they're at their longer home on GitHub.

Congratulations to the top 5 from the CTFd iteration:
dhan0779 - 1625 points
h4ck7u5 - 1040 points
0x0FF537 - 895 points
Art3mis - 775 points
Groot - 705 points

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