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Auto creation of menu items for Gizmos. Just drag and drop gizmos into the right folder and they will show up in your Nuke menus. No longer will you have to create the menu items manually for each gizmo you want to install.


ALPHACLEAN AlphaClean removes stray pixels from the alpha channel of your matte. Removes black pixels in the white area of the matte and white pixels in the black area.

BLURHUE Blurs just color information on the image. Works well to reduce issues with noisy keys.

CAMERABLUR Use this node to add camera motion blur to an element. Camera should be a rotation only camera. In most cases you can quickly use NukeX's camera tracker to solve a rotation only camera for you and use this.

EXPONBLUR The ExponBlur blurs an image with an exponential falloff based upon an alpha. Most often used with roto shapes. The effect is applied to RGBA only.


ASPECTMASK Applies an aspect mask over the image. The mask should properly adjust for image resolution and pixel aspect.

GRAIN Added functionality to Nuke's default grain node.

SPOT REMOVER SpotRemover works similar to MarkerRemoval. This node however blends pixels from areas outside the control matte (alpha) with a smoother feel and does it much faster. It also allows you to control how many pixels surrounding the fill area you use to generate the fill area. There is also independent height and with controls for generating the fill area and the option to control the angle like a directional blur.


FUSE Fuse is a replacement for the merge(over) node. Functions for light wrap and hue wrap onto the foreground.

ICOLOR Icolor will apply the hue information from the A input to the B input.

SWITCHMATTE Grabs the alpha channel from the A input and premultiplies it to the B input.


DESPILL A gizmo that allows you to choose one of several types of despill algorithms for keying. This node also allows the use of a background image to correct spill suppressed areas.


RAMP A Shake style ramp


CHANNELSOLO Shuffles the chosen channel into RGBA


CROPBBOX Crops any bounding box outside of the input width and height.

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