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Feature Highlights are:

  • Wireless Internet Connection with MQTT Client.
  • Live Configurable through Bluetooth Serial - Wifi(SSID, KEY), MQTT(Server, Topic)
  • Bluetooth Serial is able to be turn off through MQTT.
    • Bluetooth connection is enable after esp32 power on.
    • MQTT message "Bluetooth off" or "bluetooth off" will turn Bluetooth connection off.
    • MQTT message "Bluetooth on" or "bluetooth on" will turn Bluetooth connection on.
  • Sending TEXT from MQTT to UART connection.

Don't Forget Change Those Settings

    char* ssid = "wifi_ssid";
    char* password = "wifi_password";
    char* Bluetooth_ssid = "ID of This Device";
    char* mqtt_server = ""; 
  • Those settings are able to be changed and saved into EEPROM through Bluetooth Serial connection by following command
    • Wifi SSID(ssid) can be changed by inputing "ssid=(your own SSID)"
    • Wifi Password(password) can be changed by inputing "password=(your own password)"
    • Bluetooth device name(Bluetooth_ssid) can be changed by inputing "bluetooth name=(your own Bluetooth ID)"
    • MQTT server(mqtt_server) can be changed by inputing "broker=(your own broker name)"


PubSubClient library is required. Please installed this library through "Include Library > Manage Libraries".