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A small, powerful, and modular IRC bot
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A small but powerful IRC bot


  1. Add kaguya to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:
def deps do
  [{:kaguya, "~> x.y.z"}]
  1. Run mix deps.get

  2. Ensure kaguya is started before your application:

def application do
  [applications: [:kaguya]]
  1. Configure kaguya in config.exs:
config :kaguya,
  server: "my.irc.server",
  port: 6666,
  bot_name: "kaguya",
  channels: ["#kaguya"]


By default Kaguya won't do much. This is an example of a module which will perform a few simple commands:

defmodule Kaguya.Module.Simple do
  use Kaguya.Module, "simple"

  handle "PRIVMSG" do
    match ["!ping", "!p"], :pingHandler
    match "hi", :hiHandler
    match "!say ~message", :sayHandler

  defh pingHandler, do: reply "pong!"
  defh hiHandler(%{user: %{nick: nick}}), do: reply "hi #{nick}!"
  defh sayHandler(%{"message" => response}), do: reply response

This module defines four commands to be handled:

  • !ping and !p are aliased to the same handler, which has the bot respond pong!.
  • hi will cause the bot to reply saying "hi" with the persons' nick
  • !say [some message] will have the bot echo the message the user gave.

The handler macro can accept up to two different parameters, a map which destructures a message struct, and a map which destructures a match from a command.

You can find a more full featured example in example/basic.ex.


  • server - Hostname or IP address to connect with. String.
  • server_ip_type - IP version to use. Can be either inet or inet6
  • port - Port to connect on. Integer.
  • bot_name - Name to use by bot. String.
  • channels - List of channels to join. Format: #<name>. List
  • help_cmd - Specifies command to act as help. Defaults to .help. String
  • use_ssl - Specifies whether to use SSL or not. Boolean
  • reconnect_interval - Interval for reconnection in ms. Integer. Not used.
  • server_timeout - Timeout(ms) that determines when server gets disconnected. Integer. When omitted Kaguya does not verifies connectivity with server. It is recommended to set at least few minutes.
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