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Arduino Pro IDE - Setup

What is Arduino Pro IDE - Setup

In 2019, Arduino launched a new development environment called Arduino Pro IDE, which will (probably) replace the classic Arduino IDE at some time.

The problem is that the original product is only a (big) portable version.

To fix this problem, I created an Inno Setup wizard for the application, so you can install it on your PC.

Building source code


  • Windows Operating System.


WARNING: Please clone all the file to a folder in the drive root, else it may not work (ex. C:\ArduinoProIDE-Setup)

  1. Download or clone the repository. If you decide to use the second option, please run the following command instead of the classic one:
    git clone --depth 1
    This will only download the latest commit, since the old ones requires lot of hard disk space.
  2. Run ISCompil.exe from ISCompiler folder.
  3. Wait some minutes...
  4. Check Release folder and enjoy!

Additional notes

There is an experimental compilation method called 'Release', that creates a more compressed setup, but requires a very good computer, since it needs a lot of memory to compress and build the installer. If you want to compile using this method, run:

ISCompil.exe release

Instead of the original command in step 2.

Also, you can run:

ISCompil.exe downloadonly

To download and extract the files without creating the installer.

Downloading the compiled version

View releases for more information about downloading a compiled version of this program.


I would like to thank to Arduino LLC. for offering the great Arduino software and boards.

© 2019 - 2020, Arduino LLC.

© 2020, Lumito -