How to get nightly builds

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Every time a developer pushes some code to this repo a new build is triggered in Appveyor. This build is more updated than the latest stable release but it might contain new bugs

This manual describes how to manually get a build from appveyor, alternatively, you can use the automatic updater of this repo

  1. Go to this website and follow this steps:

  2. Check that the latest build is GREEN. This means that the code compiles correctly. Otherwise, press the "History" link and select the latest GREEN build.

  3. Now select the configuration you prefer.

  • DEBUG builds include more detailed information about what's running on LMP and should be the preferred selection.
  • RELEASE builds have more simple UI and are intended for final releases to the public and non beta testers


  1. Once you've selected the configuration, press the "ARTIFACTS" button


  1. Now download the .zip file that contains the latest build.


  1. Once you've downloaded the file, follow the installation manual to put the files where they belong

  2. If you find a bug while testing, please be sure to report them trough the issues page


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