How to play with LMP

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After you've installed LMP correctly and you've started KSP, you should see a new window in the main menu.

We recomend to set up your username first, because you will be recognized by it on the servers.

Main screen

Icon Description
Connect Manually connect to a custom server
Settings Change settings
Servers List available servers
Add Add a custom server
Delete Delete a custom server

In-game icons

Icon Description
Chat Open the chat screen
Craft library Open the craft library
Screenshot library Open the screenshot library
Admin Open the admin panel (if enabled)
Disconnect Disconnect from the server
Settings Change settings
Sync Sync your subspace to the player subspace

Admin panel

Icon Description
Nuke Nuke KSC
Dekessler Run a dekessler
Restart Restart the server
Kick Kick selected player
Ban Ban selected player


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