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  • LMP will only be compatible with the latest KSP version. We don't support older KSP versions as this is very time consuming and we have limited resources. If you want LMP to work in an older KSP version, feel free to download the code and compile it for your needs


  • Use environment variable LC_ALL=C in server and in client to avoid localization issues.
    More info here.
  • Get the latest version of mono here as LMP uses several C#7 features.


  • There might be issues when playing with mods. Check mod support
  • Be sure to use the latest version of KSP. We do not support old KSP versions


Slow connections

If you have a slow connection you might need to increase the timeout values.

On the server:

In the ConnectionSettings.xml edit the node:

<!--Connection timeout in ms. If no heartbeats are received after this interval, the client is disconnected.-->

And increase it to 60000 (60 seconds) for example

You can try to decrease the MTU size value if screenshots take too much time to be sent to clients.

On the client:

  • Open KSP.
  • In the KSP menu, Go to the LMP settings.
  • In the Network configuration menu, increase the timeout value or set it to infinite.
  • Consider lowering the MTU value if the screenshots take too much time to be uploaded.
  • You might need to increase the interpolation offset if the value is too low.


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