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Various cogs for utility/fun

V3 Rewrite in progress

As of July 25, 2018

Installing cogs

To use my cogs, you need to first add my repo:

[p]cog repo add Dusty-Cogs

To get a list of cogs in my repo, use:

[p]cog list Dusty-Cogs

You can install any of the cogs in my repo by doing:

[p]cog install Dusty-Cogs cog-name-goes-here


  • autorole: Automatically give members who join the server a specified role
  • greet: Play a specified sound when a user joins a voice channel
  • moji: Send an emoji from any server that the bot is in
  • pathfinder: Many utilities such as class/race lookup, die rolling, stat rolling, etc. for Pathfinder

More cog information



If you want the users to recieve the role immediately, do NOT set an agreement channel

This cog allows you to automatically assign new members of your server a role.

  • [p]autorole displays help for autorole commands and shows whether autorole is on or off.
  • [p]autorole role (the role's name [use quotes if the name has a space]) sets the role to be given to new users.
  • [p]autorole toggle switches the state of automatic role assignment.
  • [p]autorole agreement (#channel_for_agreements) [agreement message] Sets a terms of service/agreement before the role is given. The agreement feature of this cog is a bit complicated. You need to give the bot a message that it sends the user.

This message can have a few different things to customize it:

  • {key}- this is replaced with the key the user must input to recieve their role. This parameter IS NEEDED!
  • {name}- this is replaced with the username of the user who has joined.
  • {mention}- this is replaced with a mention for the user who has joined.
  • {server}- this is replaced with the name of the server the user has joined.
  • {member}- this is a slightly different parameter as it is a discord Member object. You likely won't need it unless you're an advanced user.

Here's an example of a message:

Welcome to {server}, {name}! Please read the #rules and enter this key: {key} into #accept.


This cog will cause the bot to play a sound when a user joins the same voice channel as the bot.


The bot will not play the join sound if the bot is playing music. Also, the owner can cause the bot to join their voice channel with the command [p]joinvoice in case the bot is not in a voice channel.


  • [p]greetset sound "the-sound.extension" sets the sound that plays when you join the voice channel.
  • [p]greetset toggle server/user (user mention if needed) will toggle whether or not the bot will play a greeting sound for the server/a user.
  • [p]greetset displays help for greet commands.

Contacting me

If you want to contact me, my Discord name is Awoonar Dust#1273

If you need to contact me but can't contact me through Discord for various reasons, my email is on my github profile.

My support server: