Tools to aid in Vulkan development including useful layers, trace and replay, and tests
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Vulkan Ecosystem Components

This project provides vktrace capture/replay tool and other layer tools and driver tests.

CI Build Status

Platform Build Status
Linux/Android Build Status
Windows Build status


Branches within this repository include the Vulkan loader, validation layers, header files, and associated tests. These pieces are mirrored from this Github repository: These pieces are required to enable this repository to be built standalone; that is without having to clone the Vulkan-LoaderAndValidationLayers repository.

The following components are available in this repository over and above what is mirrored from Vulkan-LoaderAndValidationLayers repository

  • Api_dump, screenshot and example layers (layersvt/)
  • tests for the vktrace and vkreplay (tests/)
  • vktrace and vkreplay, API capture and replay (vktrace/)


If you intend to contribute, the preferred work flow is for you to develop your contribution in a fork of this repo in your GitHub account and then submit a pull request. Please see the CONTRIBUTING file in this respository for more details.

How to Build and Run includes directions for building all the components, running the tests and running the demo applications.

Information on how to enable the various layers is in layers/

Architecture and interface information for the loader is in loader/

NOTE: Update Nvidia Drivers

  • A recent glslang change exposed a bug in the texel fetch behavior on Nvidia devices under certain situations.
  • Previously, we reverted the glslang change which exposed it.
  • Nvidia has since resolved the issue, and we are now removing the workaround.
  • Driver installs with the fix are available on their download page, just look for:
    • Linux Drivers starting with version 367.35
    • Windows Drivers starting at version 372.54


This work is released as open source under a Apache-style license from Khronos including a Khronos copyright.

See COPYRIGHT.txt for a full list of licenses used in this repository.


While this project has been developed primarily by LunarG, Inc; there are many other companies and individuals making this possible: Valve Corporation, funding project development; Google providing significant contributions to the validation layers; Khronos providing oversight and hosting of the project.