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LunarX WhitePaper - Universal Middleware to DApps

LunarX is an universal middleware, designed to build a decentralized, scalable, temper proof, anonymous and autonomous data chain infrastructure for decentralized applications(DApp) and their users.

It knits individual nodes together, serving upper layer applications with uniform data chain functionality, and every peer joining the LunarX network becomes a part of the whole data service system.

In real world businesses, not all the data is transactional that has to be put into a blockchain, but these great amount of data still requires properties of anonymous, autonomous, temper proof, scalability and traceability, in an untrusted peer to peer network.

Some of these data is structured, other is unstructured. We propose an algebraic definition of commutative map to study these data structures within a uniform framework, and to see when given a data structure, which kind of encryption schemes are commutative with it, and how to construct a possible scheme. In order to manage these data structures and generate blocks, we developed DAG model for these purposes.

It is a developing pilot project, hoping to contribute some ideas to the community.

[Issue time] To be determined

[White Paper Part I]: the theory, technical architecture. Submitted.

[White Paper Part II]: The business scenarios, processes and architecture. Submitted.

[White Paper Part II]: Chinese version. Submitted.

[White Paper Part III]: Team, token, Roadmap. Merged to Part II.

[Official Site] https://LunarX.co

[White Paper] https://github.com/LunarX-ONE/White-Paper

[Telegram] https://t.me/LunarXOfficial

[Twitter] https://twitter.com/LunarXONE