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Challenger MOD by Lunastellia

Install 🔶 You can join Discord for more information about this => Discord (FR/EN) :
Install 🔶 You can download / install and play Among Us Challenger with STEAM => -Steam Store- (FR/EN) : Click Here !
Install 🔶 More information about the roles is available on the website : (
Install 🔶 Create your account on and link it to your steam account => Goodloss :

Available roles


Available Map

Challenger Polus & Nuclear Polus


  • New Nuclear sabotage added
  • When the game begins, a first Timer (yellow) appears, once the latter has reached "0", Active sabotages are automatically cancelled, it is impossible to press the Buzz button and no other sabotages can be launched, however it is still possible to report a body, a second timer (red) appears and an alarm siren sounds, players will have to go to a secure area (Admin / Office) before the latter reaches "0", if players is outside the safe area they will then be killed without leaving a body! once the alert ends, players can leave the secure area, the map will be changed.
  • New room added on specimen room
  • Vital utility and some task were mooved.

Challenger Mirah


  • the corridors and the configuration of the map to be modified
  • Light sabotage and some task were mooved.
  • Sensor utility was deleted.
  • Add vitals on medbay
  • Add new room above reactor/Laboratory : Security
  • Add new Camera on security (Surveillance drone)
  • Surveillance drone: only 1 player can use the drone at a time, the drone can be moved and keeps its last position.

Challenger Skeld

  • (Work in Progress)

Available Feature


  • The icons above present in game represent the current state of the surveys (Admin / Camera / Vitale / Buzzer) You can press "F12" for Hide/Show. When the icon is framed in Green it is possible to use it, on the other hand when the icon is red it is impossible to use it!

It is possible to configure =>

  • You can disable them permanently,
  • You can deactivate them as long as a certain number of players have not been killed !
  • You can set timers on it which elapses as long as the player consults the survey, it is possible to configure a reset of the usage time after each meeting or never reset the timer


From Challenger 5.0.0 version, Submerged is included on the update, most roles and features are available and functional, however some roles are not yet fully functional, here is the list of roles that may encounter problems :

  • Shériff (Only With "drop Gun setting", is not yet functional)

  • Engineer (some custom sabotage is currently not repairable)

  • Builder (there are problems with some vent)

  • Sorcerer (runes do not spawn on the map)

  • Arsonist (Refuel station do not spawn on the map, you can play if you choose "0" has the oil value needed to oil a player)

  • Eater The body detection gauge does not work well (due to the floor system)

  • Link to Submerged github :

How to install !

🔶 You can launch Challenger in 2 ways, With "ModManager" or "STEAM"

🔻 Install with STEAM 🔻

🔹 Download and Instal STEAM : (

🔹 search the store "AmongUs Challenger", Add, Download and play ! (

🔻 Install with ModManager 🔻

🔹 Download Mod Manager : (Download the installer at and follow the installation process.)

🔹 Start Mod Manager & Select "Mods" > "All-In-One" > Challenger > "Download".


🔹 Once the download is finished click on the play icon which replaces the download button... or on your shortcut (desktop) !



This File (Challenger.dll) Use :


Innersloth LLC

This mod is not affiliated with Among Us or Innersloth LLC, and the content contained therein is not endorsed or otherwise sponsored by Innersloth LLC. Portions of the materials contained herein are property of Innersloth LLC. © Innersloth LLC.

More informatios =


Several parts of the source code of this Mod are subject to copyright, any reproduction or misuse without the prior consent of these owners is prohibited. the protected content belongs to Oriana®.


Credits :

OrianaGames Team :

Lunastellia - Game Designer / Developper (Challenger, Client)

Matux - Goodloss Developper (Server, Launcher , API, GLMod.dll)

Asman - design picture, cosmetics & original graphique content

Translation :

四个憨批汉化组 ( - Translation Chiness simplify -> Repository :

Other credits :

Inglorious Mustard Team - for alpha test & share idea/concept.

Noé Guitton - for Music original creator.

Jaytan804 - original idea and concept for : Reaper role.