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Build Upons v1 About:

  • Build Upons is a construction block set that is designed to be compatible with most popular construction block sets like LEGO bricks. The set allows for the seamless integration of LED light into an existing construction set, or Build Upons can be used to create truly unique creations with only the three simple block provided. The Power brick, the Bridge brick, and the LED brick. This repo provides the 3D solid models and their respective 2D drawings.

Processes: There are two different processes used in the creation of Build Upons

  • Die Casting: Each brick contains a pair of zinc die casted parts that serve as the electrical connection between the bricks. The repo contains the 3D model and 2D drawings used to create the detail for the core and cavity of the die cast tool. A die cast tool has been created with 16 cavities for the Power brick A and B, Bridge brick, and LED brick parts.

  • Injection Molding: Each brick is then molded in plastic to create the compatible form for existing construction sets. In the case of Build Upons the bricks use a process called insert molding to encapsulate the die cast parts into the plastic. The repo contains the 3D model and 2D drawings to create the detail for the core and cavity of the insert mold tool. An insert mold tool has been created with a single cavity for the Power brick, Bridge brick, and LED brick.

Licensing: Build Upons is an open source hardware product and follows the open source hardware definition: The license on the source files for Build Upons is CC-BY-SA

Distributed as-is; no warranty given. Not suitable for people who might eat electronics.


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