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Lime Bootstrap

For usage docs, please visit


npm install
npm run serve

We are using Babel to transpile and to bundle.

Jest is used for tests: npm run test

Eslint is our linter overlord. We are using a slightly modified version of Airbnbs style.

Using VSCode with eslint (dbaeumer.vscode-eslint) and jest (Orta.vscode-jest) extensions are recommended.

Creating a release

  1. Create a build
npm install
npm run build
  1. Upload the dist folder to github as a release with semantic versioning as the tag.

  2. Manually update download link in docs/theme/partials/tabs.html

  3. Upload the docs npm run publish-docs


The docs are built with Mkdocs with the material theme. Mkdocs requires Python and we are using 3.6 to build

Install into a venv or not

$ pip install -r docs/requirement.txt

Serving the docs locally with npm run docs

Publishing docs to Github-pages (requires push access to repo) npm run publish-docs