File sharing and torrent downloading
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===== View =====


===== Installation =====


Get the last release from

$ wget

Uncompress the tarball and cd into

$ tar zxf tcloud-v0.2.6.tgz
$ cd tcloud-v0.2.6

Install dependencies

$ npm install --production


$ node server.js


Docker Stars Docker Pulls

$ docker pull lunik/tcloud
$ docker run -d \
    -v /some/folder/files:/usr/src/app/files \
    -v /some/folder/config:/usr/config \
    -v /some/folder/database:/usr/src/app/database \

===== Configuration =====

Modify config.json. On the first installation, this file could be missing, run npm run build to generate a default one.

===== Notes =====

If you want to download large torrent, check your server memory. If the torrent is larger that your memorie, it could fail with allocation error. You can add swap to your server to prevent this issue. It comes from webtorrent issue.