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update camera controls in Quickstart

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@@ -9,11 +9,27 @@ the mouse.
The eight main console buttons are activated by the F1-F8 keys or the mouse.
-F1: Change view.
+F1: Change view mode (cockpit/external/sidereal)
F2: Use the map system.
F3: Look at your own information.
F4: Select targets, operate autopilot and communicate.
+The view direction can be controlled, with keys:
+KP 8: Front Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Up
+KP 2: Rear Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Down
+KP 4: Left Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Left
+KP 6: Right Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Right
+KP 9: Top Camera
+KP 3: Bottom Camera / Roll External/Sidereal Right
+KP 7: Cockpit view forward
+KP 1: Cockpit view rearward / Roll External/Sidereal Left
++: Zoom in (external/sidereal view only)
+-: Zoom out (external/sidereal view only)
+Home: Reset zoom (sidereal view only)
+(NOTE: If you do not have a numeric keypad, please rebind the view direction
+controls from the View tab in the Settings screen)
The next four buttons change function depending on the first four. Hover the
mouse over them to see what they do.

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