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Blazor Svg Helper

This repo contains svg classes for using in blazor.

Project is available on nuget.

For install use command - Install-Package BlazorSvgHelper -Version 1.0.1

You can create svg element and add children (circle, rectangle, image, text and etc) and finally render this svg with blazor RenderTreeBuilder.



 public svg ComposeSVG()
   _svg = new svg
        id = "svgclock",
        width = 100,
        height = 100,
        xmlns = "",

   _svg.Children.Add(new circle
                      cx = 0,
                      cy = 0,
                      r = 30,
                      fill = "red",
                      transform = "translate(50,50)",
   return _svg;

When you done composing svg you can render it.

 protected override void BuildRenderTree(RenderTreeBuilder builder)
     svg _svg = ComposeSVG();
     new SvgHelper().Cmd_Render(_svg, 0, builder);

You can compose more complex svg.

For example this helper was used here

You can see code how this svg was composed here

Any PRs are welcome.