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Lupusa Blazor Projects

If you like my work on blazor and want to see more open sourced demos please support me with donations.

donate via paypal

Please send email if you consider to hire me.

At this moment there are available some samples clock svg, clock canvas, calculator, doughtnut chart, game snake, password pattern next weeks/months we will add more samples.

For now best performance has Firefox, you can look at demo.

All activities, contributions are welcome, we're open for bussines/result oriented communication.

Our goal is to experiment blazor, acquire knowledge by doing wide spectre, practical projects, give accessibility on practical solutions for new blazor citizens and to develop blazor experience ready for fast moving in production.

We understand that today our code is wors than it will be tommorow :)

So this repo should be good example of fast grow and dramatically improvement in blazor frontend developments.

We call ourselves Blazor Developers and hope it will be 2019 trend and IT markets more and more requested specialization starting from end of experimental phase.

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