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Hello World Example

Basic hello world example to get started with Restler 2.0

This API Server is made using the following php files/folders

  • index.php (gateway)
  • say.php (api)
  • restler.php (framework)

This API Server exposes the following URIs

GET say/hello     ⇠ Say::hello()
GET say/hello/:to ⇠ Say::hello()

Try the following links in your browser

GET say/hello :

"Hello world!"

GET say/hello/restler2.0 :

"Hello Restler2.0!"

GET say/hello?to=R.Arul%20Kumaran :

"Hello R.Arul Kumaran!"

If the above links fail, it could be due to missing .htaccess file or URL Rewriting is not supported in your server. Try the following links instead

GET index.php/say/hello :

"Hello world!"

GET index.php/say/hello/restler2.0 :

"Hello Restler2.0!"

GET index.php/say/hello?to=R.Arul%20Kumaran :

"Hello R.Arul Kumaran!"

*[index.php]: _001_helloworld/index.php *[say.php]: _001_helloworld/say.php *[restler.php]: ../restler/restler.php

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