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@Lurker00 Lurker00 released this Aug 4, 2017 · 45 commits to master since this release

iBasso DX200 firmware modified by Lurker

This firmware has implemented some optimization for both Mango and Android modes, microSD access via USB Mass Storage, and has added Google Play Market and SuperSU in Android. USB Audio for DX200 is embedded to take advantage of being built-in. A special build of HibyMusic is embedded for bit perfect playback via USB Audio.

Detailed description can be found here. Please read it to make your decision or before asking questions!

The version 2.5.141L1 is intended for those who uses Neutron Music - the only 3rd party player which is able to play bit perfect up to 24/192kHz even with the stock firmware. 2.5.141L1 makes Neutron able to play DSD in DoP (up to DSD256) and PCM up to 32/384kHz as well, without additional efforts! It also features USB Audio version 1.1.48. Be sure you have turned Generic Driver on, and Direct USB Driver off in Neutron's Audio Hardware settings!

DISCLAIMER: No changes were made to the basic player functionality and behavior! Expect the same bugs and misbehavior found in the base stock firmware! No warranty at all: use the modified firmware at your own risk and responsibility!

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