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Add-on to DX220 Android 8.1 firmware

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iBasso DX220 firmware add-on by Lurker


Android 8.1 for DX220 protects main partitions with Verity, which makes it tricky for end user to flash custom firmware. Magisk allows developers to alter system systemless-ly, i.e. without any direct modification of the protected parts of the firmware image. That's why my modifications for 8.1 are distributed as add-ons: you must have installed and running the original firmware, then you apply (flash over) an add-on. It makes the download smaller and update process faster!

To check the current add-on version in Android mode, go to Settings, About DX220, Build number at the bottom.

WARNING: Add-ons are not compatible with encrypted devices!
WARNING: Do not update Magisk via MagiskManager! It will cause problems!

How to apply or update the add-on

There are two packages to choose from: either Windows-only (using included AndroidTool), or any platform (using DX220-bootable SD-card). The ZIP archive with the add-on contains readme.txt file with full instruction. Please read and follow it.

For Windows, you should have installed drivers from Rockchip. You can download them here.

Note: Updating an add-on removes additional Magisk modules. You'll have to re-install them after the update.

If you need Magisk Manager, please install it manually from the official source.

How to return back to the official firmware

It is enough to re-apply any official firmware update, then do a factory reset.

How to update the official firmware

True OTA does not work with add-on, because the build number is different. You need to download the update from iBasso site, put it to SD-card or Internal storage, and start manual upgrade. Then you may install an add-on compatible with the new firmware version, if any.

Changes made

It's up to the end user to decide whether these changes affect sound or not. I believe some of them make sound better, and none of them make sound worse.


  • Google Play Market added.
  • Reduced power consumption during music playback and in suspend mode.
  • Overall performance increased.
  • During music playback, the device is managed to prevent idle state tasks.
  • Performance tweak for popular music players. Such a tweak is used on Rockchip SoC based devices for benchmark apps, iBasso sets it for its Mango Player.
  • The process of device registration is much simplified (required to make Google Play Services work on uncertified device).
  • Magisk can be used to install additional modules, and to provide root access.
  • USB Audio application, which is also useful for its System settings.
  • Custom build of HibyMusic, which plays bit perfect PCM up to 32/384kHz with no additional efforts, and is fully compatible with USB Audio application for bit perfect DSD and SACD ISO playback.
  • Removed APKPure, CoolAPK. Install them from their official websites, if you need them.


  • Removed Android services, that are not used in this mode.
  • Performance increased.


  • Better thermal control.
  • A different approach to control brightness at low levels.

Note: MagiskManager icon is, actually, a stub injected by Magisk core. It is intended by the developer to help installing full MagiskManager, but I disable it to stop annoying. Should you need MagiskManager, please install it manually.

History of public releases

  • 1.28 - release for official firmware 1.19.324.
  • 1.27 - release for official firmware 1.19.294.
  • 1.26 - release for official firmware 1.18.284.
  • 1.25 - release for official firmware 1.17.256.
  • 1.24 - release for official firmware 1.16.242.
  • 1.23 - release for official firmware 1.15.233.
  • 1.22 - release for official firmware 1.13.202.
  • 1.21 - release for official firmware 1.12.149.
  • 1.20 - release for official firmware 1.11.140.
  • 1.19 - release for official firmware 1.10.123.
  • 1.18 - release for official firmware 1.09.092.