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Add-on to DX220 Android 8.1 firmware
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iBasso DX220 firmware add-on by Lurker


Android 8.1 for DX220 protects main partitions with Verity, which makes it tricky for end user to flash custom firmware. Magisk allows developers to alter system systemless-ly, i.e. without any direct modification of the protected parts of the firmware image. That's why my modifications for 8.1 are distributed as add-ons: you must have installed and running the original firmware, then you apply (flash over) an add-on. It makes the download smaller and update process faster!

To check the current add-on version in Android mode, go to Settings, About DX220, Build number at the bottom.

WARNING: Add-ons are not compatible with encrypted devices! WARNING: Do not update Magisk via MagiskManager! It will cause problems!

How to apply or update the add-on

There are two packages to choose from: either Windows-only (using included AndroidTool), or any platform (using DX220-bootable SD-card). The ZIP archive with the add-on contains readme.txt file with full instruction. Please read and follow it.

For Windows, you should have installed drivers from Rockchip. You can download them here.

Note: Updating an add-on removes additional Magisk modules. You'll have to re-install them after the update.

If you need Magisk Manager, please install it manually from the official source.

How to return back to the official firmware

After iBasso released OTA-like update (1.09.092, 1.10.123...), it is enough to re-apply any official firmware update, then do a factory reset.

How to update the official firmware

True OTA does not work with add-on, because the build number is different. You need to download the update from iBasso site, put it to SD-card or Internal storage, and start manual upgrade. Then you may install an add-on compatible with the new firmware version, if any.

Changes made


  • Google Play Store added.
  • Magisk can be used to install additional modules, and to provide root access.
  • USB Audio application, which is also useful for its System settings.
  • Custom build of HibyMusic, which plays bit perfect PCM up to 32/384kHz with no additional efforts, and fully compatible with USB Audio application for bit perfect DSD and SACD ISO playback.
  • 126MHz CPU frequency added (216MHz is officially lowest), which is enough for most tasks.
  • Overall performance increased.
  • During music playback, the device is managed to prevent idle state tasks.
  • Better thermal control, to prevent overheating.
  • A different approach to control brightness at low levels.
  • Less power consumption in suspend mode.
  • The process of device registration is much simplified (required to make Google Play Services work on uncertified device).


  • Removed Android services, that are not used in this mode.
  • Performance increased.


  • Safer parameters of battery charger to prevent overheating.

History of public releases

  • 1.21 - release for official firmware 1.12.149.
  • 1.20 - release for official firmware 1.11.140.
  • 1.19 - release for official firmware 1.10.123.
  • 1.18 - release for official firmware 1.09.092.
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