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Frametime logger for Linux Vulkan/OpenGL
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libperflogger - Game performance logging library

Libperflogger is a library for monitoring frametimes in OpenGL/Vulkan games for Linux.


git clone
cd libperflogger
sudo make install

make install installs the libraries in /usr/local/lib/libperflogger, the script in /usr/local/bin and an ld config file into /etc/


LD_PRELOAD="${LD_PRELOAD}" <program>

Environment variables:

PERFLOGGER_LOG_DIR=<dir> # Directory for the logfile - no logfile is saved if not set
PERFLOGGER_USE_STDOUT=1 # Display performance information in stdout

The supplied script can be used to simplify usage once 'make install' is ran:

perflogger <program> [options]


--log_dir=<dir> # Same as PERFLOGGER_LOG_DIR
--use_stdout # Same as PERFLOGGER_USE_STDOUT=1
--help # Display a help message

To use in Steam games, set the following launch option:

perflogger %command%


LD_PRELOAD="${LD_PRELOAD}" %command%

For viewing the logfile with gnuplot:

gnuplot -p -e 'set ylabel "milliseconds"; set xlabel "frames"; set yrange [0:100]; plot"<log location>" with lines'
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